therapeutic massage in London


Therapeutic Massage in London



What Treatment at  BODYLINE AESTHETE  Can Do for You

In addition to the numerous facial and body advantages, LPG Endermologie treatment offers a number of therapeutic benefits. These are delivered through the patented motorised roll and flap which provide a precise and pleasant stimulation that will re-activate natural physiological processes and soothe the surface of the skin. Benefits are long-lasting and will support your body in recovering and rehabilitating. Book a massage in London at Bodyline Aesthete, and you will see improvements in your body in no time at all.




 How therapy Massage in London works


 How  It Works

Treatment is carried out by one of our capable and qualified technicians using the CELLU M6 technology that is in the motorised flap and roller. The ALLIANCE technology will treat all connective tissue transformations including burns, scars and fibrosis. Circulatory problems and muscles pathologies can all be tended to without any side effects. Most importantly treatment is natural and totally painless.

The mechanical massage will manipulate muscles, fascias and other soft tissues which will relieve pain. Normal movement will be aided and reflexology points will be stimulated. Specific organs, bones and systems in your body will be supported and boosted by treatment.




 Who  Is It For

Endermologie massage is ideal if you are experiencing physical pain or symptoms that derive from erythema, induration, loss of joint mobility, muscle tension, stiffness and soreness. Treatment will aid recovery and help you return to an active life. Tissues will be repaired and stimulated and your circulatory system will be aided. If you have suffered a serious injury, healing time will be significantly reduced.

 therapy Massage in London



Ideal Treatment For.

 Traumatic  pain
 Lower back  pain
 Muscle and skin  contractions
 Blood  flow
 Severe fluid  overload