facial Lipo Massage in London


Facial Lipo Massage in London





of Wrinkles Smoothed






Firmer Skin





Radiant Complexion






What Treatment at  BODYLINE AESTHETE  Can Do for You

LPG Endermologie offers a natural, healthy and sustainable form of treatment that fights aging the right way. The non-aggressive and non-invasive treatment is safe and even pleasurable and improves your facial features in a subtle and understated way. That is not to say that results are undetectable – you will notice tangible results after just one session. LPG Endermologie treatment increases the organic production of essential rejuvenating substances and is ideal for a number of patients. If you are in London and would like a lipo massage, book your appointment now at the Bodyline Aesthete.




Wrinkles  Smoothed 

LPG Endermologie boosts the production of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid (by 80%) to give the dermis volume and to discourage wrinkles. The synthesis of elastin by 46%, increases the suppleness of skin and makes it stronger against micro muscle contractions, as it is this which is often the cause of expression lines. Wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced by 87%, but at the same time preserving the face’s natural appearance.






 Firmer  Skin

Treatment will reactivate the creation of vital support fibres including collagen, elastin (by 46%) and hyaluronic acid (by 80%), and this will provide immediate and long-lasting invigorating outcomes. The epidermis will return to its natural smoothness, and the skin will become stronger and firmer. Your face will soon have more defined contours.

 firmer skin with endermologie facial Massage in London


 reduce double chins with facial Lipo Massage in London






 Diminish  Your
Double Chin

LPG Endermologie treatment will effectively eliminate stored fat by eradicating fat cells (adipocytes). The face will look noticeably slimmer and volumes will become more balanced.







 Clarify  Your

Lipo massage will exfoliate your skin, oxygenate the tissues and boost micro-circulation to smoothen your complexion. After just one session you will see skin that is softer, more radiant and glowing. LPG Endermologie is the natural way for you to achieve better skin.

 clearing complexions with facial Lipo Massage in London






Personal Face  endermologie®  Kit

Guarantees perfectly hygienic face endermologie® sessions.

 endermologie kits with bodyline Aesthete in London




 Men and women facial Lipo Massage in London


LPG  endermologie® 
Treatment Is Ideal For

  • People undergoing injectable and invasive treatments and plastic surgery. Suitable for before and after to help boost the regenerative and recovery process.
  • People with sensitive skin contraindication to invasive treatments who favour non aggressive and organic skin transformation treatments.
  • People with sagging skin, scar treatment and those who wish to decrease facial lines, wrinkles and under-eye circles. Can also help reduce facial edema and double chins.

Book your appointment for lipo massage in London at Bodyline Aesthete, and see for yourself the real results you can get.

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